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iSkin Fuse SE iPhone 4S Case Review

Published on August 1, 2012 by in iPhone 4 Case

  Our lives would shatter into a thousand pieces without our iPhones, and our iPhone would shatter into a thousand pieces if we were to accidentally drop it to its death. That is why we make so much fuss over accessories that cover and protect our precious piece of technology. The popular gadget accessory maker iSkin has outed their Fuse SE Special Edition case for the iPhone 4/S that is stunning in both aesthetics and functionality. Go ahead and check out all the features the Fuze SE has to offer in our full review after the cut!

  Big names such as Otterbox has been the go-to solution for the ultimate protection when it comes to our smartphones, but iSkin’s Fuse SE looks to challenge Otterbox’s reign. Featuring a dual layer design, this case defies the paradigm that the best protection comes in a thick package. Presented in a low-profile and lightweight design, the Fuse SE is tough on the outside and soft on the inside.

  Constructed out of smooth polycarbonate, the outer layer is scratch resistant and sturdy to provide excellent protection from drops in any sort of scenario. Peel back its hard shell and you’ll find another layer of thermo-polymer that cushions your actual iPhone from the drops. This dual layer technology is not unfamiliar; Speck incorporates this concept in most of its cases. Yet, the iSkin Fuse only adds bare millimeters to the overall bulk. Not to mention, without any unnecessary dents and groves, the outer layer is comfortable to the touch and fits naturally in the hand.

  Going to the sides of this case, all of the ports and buttons are safely protected from everything nature can throw at it. All of your buttons can be easily accessed and the holes provide enough room for most earphone jacks to fit as well as adequate sound to reach the microphone.

  From the unboxing to this review, the iSkin Fuse SE has proven to be an excellent case and we don’t hesitate to recommend this product to anybody. Although, if you are on a tight budget, the iSkin Fuse SE’s $60 price tag may scare you away. If you aren’t interested in the extra frontal protection, there is also the iSkin Fuse that sells at $50. Of course, if you don’t mind spending the extra cash, the iSkin Fuse will be a fantastic purchase that will be well worth your investment.

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